Kapoho Farm News

The Kapoho Farm was inspired by Lono Lyman who said that Ag is very important to this county and if we let other uses of our land be permitted, we leave the door open to everyone wanting to use Ag land for other purposes. Lono, I could not agree with you more.

For example, most of the people in the Kapoho Farm Lots don't do Ag. They are content to build a house and reign over their little piece of farm lot sipping alcohol and gossiping. So Lono, why are they not called out for not doing Ag?

So in honor of Lono Lyman and my Farm Lot neighbors, my business partners and I will be operating an expanded farm in addition to our current level of farming. Since I also have the farm lot next door, I have 10 beautiful acres for extensive farming.
Yeah! No permits needed.

OUR NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON for our new Kapoho farm. Stay tuned for our new site plan.

We also are breeding AKC ring champion Belgian Malinois and will have some pups soon.

Space holder for our new site plan.




Our Vision
is to be completely self-sustainable for our food, water and energy power source.
Enjoy this cute video. May the farms be with you.

Our Philosophy

We are one.

Our Invitation

We invite you to join a community of higher consciousness people who are dedicated to learning and serving. Be part of our extended family. Bring your own unique skills and talent to contribute to the growth and beauty of this special place while relaxing and rejuvenating in a natural paradise. Spend some time with us, learn about sustainable living, organic farming, landscaping, the culture of Hawaii, Tantra, Shamanism and experience a variety of PlayShops and transformational sessions by Maya Dolena, Shaun Lindsey and other guest teachers.

Over the next two months, we will be hiring 10 day farmers and have space for one work exchange couple.
Must be over 21.
Please fill out the application at www.mauigoddess.net/workstudy and email to maya@mauigoddess.net.

Farm Stats as of June 2009

Organic White Tilapia 1800+
Aquaponic vegetables


Ag Tourism Visitor Count 0

Fruit Tree Varieties
Banana Trees
Dwarf Coconut trees

This space is reserved for our farm sales.

Aloha and Mahalo,
Kapoho Farm

P.O. BOX 986
Pahoa, HI 96778 - USA
(808) 965-1899 Office, (808) 280-5229 Mobile
E-Mail to:maya@mauigoddess.net
Website: http://www.mauigoddess.net/workstudy/kapoho_farm.htm