Work Study Internship Program
Our next program begins April, 2009
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Pele Lani Agricultural Center

Pele Lani Agricultural Center was named after the Hawaiian Goddess Pele, the goddess of the volcano. "Lani" in Hawaiian means "heaven". "Pele's heaven" is the real Hawaii, a tropical jungle paradise. Located in the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii, it is situated very close to many natural wonders, such as the Kilauea caldera (volcano), the champagne ponds (natural hot ponds), Noni trees and the freshest air on the planet. Pele Lani Agricultural Center is a short distance to the pristine ocean waters and coral pools off the lava coast at mythical Cape Kumukahi.
Pele Lani Agricultural Center is 40 minutes southeast of Hilo, the second largest city in the state of Hawaii. We are located on the eastern most point of the island, typically the very rainy side of the island. However, Pele Lani Agricultural Center and the immediate surrounding area do not get the very heavy rainfalls or high day-time humidity. The weather is typically warm and dry and wonderful.

During the past 8 months, Pele Lani Agricultural Center has opened its gate to allow friends to stay for short periods of work exchange. They have fallen in love with the natural beauty and the peaceful energy that is present on the property. There is a magical quality to Pele Lani that the Hawaiians understand. The energy here accelerates one's growth, development and manifestation of intentions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to utilize the natural landscape and features of this piece of paradise to create a self sustaining environment as a healing Agricultural Center. We serve people from all over the world who want to rejuvenate in a pure, unpolluted environment. We provide education, alternative healing modalities, body work and many other services to our guests.

Our vision includes organic farming, solar power and a natural water filtration system. We are well on our way toward this vision. On this 5 acre property, we have a 5 year old custom built house, a green house, some fruit trees, two solar panels and county water. We are about 80% complete with the landscaping of the walls surrounding our own private geo-thermal theraputic swimming pond.
Our work study program will allow members to participate in accomplishing this vision with us.

Our Philosophy

We are spiritual beings in the midst of a human experience. Our spiritual practices include meditation, tantra yoga, music, chanting and body movement. We celebrate our bodies as temples of our higher selves. We are all connected energetically and respect all life. We practice unconditional love and inclusion.
We are ONE family.

Our Invitation

We invite you to join a community of higher consciousness people who want to learn and serve. Be part of our extended family. Bring your own unique skills and talent to contribute to the growth and beauty of this special place. Spend some time with us, learn about sustainable living, organic farming, landscaping, native plants, and the culture of Hawaii. You must be 21 years or older.
Our next program begins April 2009.

Our Expectations

Basically, there are three simple rules:

1. Keep all of your agreements.
2. Respect others, their privacy and their property.
3. No drugs.

We expect good communication skills and openness to receiving feedback and coaching. You must be in good health and have health insurance coverage of some type. We expect you to fulfill your duties according to schedule unless there is an unforeseeable situation. We expect you to be a team player.

Pele Lani Agricultural Center is mostly in a natural state. The landscape is rough in many areas. We will do everything possibly to ensure your safety; however, we will require you to sign a waiver in case you are injured on the property.

We anticipate that this program will be very popular. If you get accepted as one of our next work study students, we will enter an agreement to be held with the best intentions and integrity. The time period we have mutually accepted is to be honored and not subject to change. If any questions come up for you after the interview, please feel free to call us anytime.

To Apply

If you are serious about spending some time with us, submit an application with your picture. Write about your previous experiences, skills and a bit about your family background.

We also would like you to answers to the following questions:

What brings you the most joy in life and what is your passion?
What is your intention for coming to Pele Lani?
What are your biggest hopes? What are your biggest fears?
What do you intend to experience in your 3-month stay?
What will you contribute beyond your job duties?
What skills, talents and experience do you have? Don't be shy!
When it is time for you to leave, what do you want to have accomplished?

Your application is confidential and will be reviewed by Maya and Shaun only. Please schedule time for a telephone interview with Maya or Shaun. It is important for us to choose the right person, as we are a small family-oriented community with visiting Agricultural Center guests from all over the world. We want to ensure that we are a match for you and you for us.

Typical Agreement

We are a family community here and love to have people bring their special talents and share them with us. We have a value exchange program that requires balance, flexibility, cooperation and communication. We look forward to including you in our group.

What we provide...ROOM and BOARD

We provide you with sleeping accommodations of our choice, the small huts, tents or room in the main house. You will have access to a full kitchen in the house and a shared bathroom and shower. Bedding and linens are provided. We provide laundry facilities and laundry soap.

Our gardens and local markets are fruitful and we have a community food bin for food. You will be responsible for your own cooking or you can share cooking responsibilities with others. We tyically don't have meat but do have some poultry and fish at dinner. We encourage a healthy diet and we will have community dinners from time to time to celebrate that.

We provide educational on the job training as well as a variety of educational sessions on communication skills, business skills, leadership skills and meta-physics. You are required to attend a minimum 4 hours of non-job training free of charge while you are here. You will receive a certificate for each training course you complete. These courses will support you in collaboration and teamwork with other participants.

If you are interested in private coaching sessions or private educational sessions, you can trade for them by working extra hours at $8-10 per hour. If Maya and Shaun agree in advance to pay you for a job exceeding your weekly-hour quota, you will be paid $8-10 per hour.

You'll have access to televisions, movie equipment, stereo equipment and a wireless high speed internet connection. This is shared by everyone.

If there are community errands to be done, you may have use of one of our vehicles as long as you have a valid license and a clean driving record.

It is an absolutely incredible experience to be free from many types of pollution, power lines and stress. You will find this environment very beneficial for your body, mind and spirit.

In exchange...

You provide your own personal supplies and personal transportation as necessary. You are responsible for your travel expense to and from Pele Lani, Hawaii.

What Is Required Of You:
You are required to attend 4 hours of education (teamwork and communication skills) and more if you choose. This will be on your own time. You will contribute 25 hours of work per week doing gardening, landscaping, cleaning, repairs, up-keep or special projects agreed upon with Maya or Shaun. We do not expect you to do work you are unsuited for. So before you come we will agree on the job tasks you will be doing. Your hours are mostly flexible, however, we do expect to have a mutually agreed to schedule. Some tasks need to be done daily, some weekly.

Special Awareness:
Living off the grid, being totally supported by Mother Nature, needs a lot of awareness and tuning in to what nature provides us. We practice energy conservation. Turn off lights when not needed, take short showers and conserve the natural resources. Space in the refrigerators is limited so be considerate of the other community members.

Phone: We have a flat rate phone package so local calls and long distance calls are free to you. There is only 1 phone line for all of us other than our personal mobile phones so we ask that you limit you calls on the land line. If you receive more than 1 to 2 calls per day we ask you to set up a voice mail account with the local phone Message Company (approximately 15.00 per month). You will get your own phone number and you can create your own message greeting and check in whenever you need. Calls from your friends/family can be received no earlier than 8am or later than 9pm Hawaii Standard Time. Your calls out are limited to 15 minutes per day and Agricultural Center business has priority. Mobile phones work in some areas of the property depending upon the provider.

Email: We provide a high speed wireless internet connection, not available for checking your email on our computer except in case of emergency. You can visit the local internet café in Pahoa or bring your own laptop. We do have a high speed DSL and router in addition to the wireless internet connection.

Transportation: there is limited public transportation where we are. Hitch hiking is legal but for safety reasons, we do not recommend it. You can purchase a used bicycle or other vehicle, then sell it before you leave. We provide transportation if any of the family is going into town.

To receive snail mail:

Your name c/o Pele Lani Agricultural Center
P.O. Box 986
Pahoa, HI 96778

For questions and other information, please use the contact information below. Mahalo!

Please read this page for additional information.

Aloha and Mahalo,
The Pele Lani Agricultural Center Family

Pele Lani Agricultural Center, LLC
P.O. BOX 986
Pahoa, HI 96778 - USA
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